Friday, May 20, 2011

Lance Armstrong Investigation: George Hincapie Adds His Witness that Lance Doped

An incredibly credible witness add his testimony to Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton. Prior to today, we had Tyler and Floyd as eye witnesses to Lance's doping. These two will probably not even be on the witness stand in a case brought against Lance since the jury will have to hear hours of testimony where these two have lied vehemently in the past about their own personal doping.

However, anyone who knows cycling would say that the biggest witness against Lance would be his top lieutenant, George Hincapie. George has never failed a drug test and was on Lance's team every year that Lance won the Tour de France. So, if George testified, as is being reported by VeloNation, that he saw Lance doping, then anyone who is still holding out hope that Lance was clean should have no doubts that he doped now. This is at least the fourth teammate who has testified against Lance, if you include Frankie Andreu. Frankie had some comments about todays news too.VeloNews reported that Frankie had the following to say:
When asked about Hincapie, with whom he rode on the national team and professionally for much of his career, Andreu said, “You can’t find a nicer guy, a more trustworthy guy, a more respected person in the peloton. Lance has ripped apart, attacked and shredded anybody that’s said anything against him. I don’t know that that would work against George. Lance has even called him ‘a stand-up guy.’”

When Hincapie infamously missed the yellow jersey at the Tour de France in 2009 by mere seconds, Armstrong said via Twitter that, “Nobody wanted to see him in yellow more than me.”
In my opinion, if this is true then Lance will almost certainly be indicted. Whether or not he will be convicted by a jury is still hard to say without knowing all the evidence that Novitzky has accumulated. In any case, if this is true there should be no doubters left--at least among those who know anything about cycling. In my view, George is probably the most powerful and credible witness that Novitzky could get to testify against Lance.

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