Sunday, November 28, 2010

More from the dopers from the Papp investigation

Last week I blogged about two individuals who were caught purchasing performance enhancing drugs after officials apparently obtained leads from Joe Papp's records. As in the past, the reaction we typically hear is some story about why they are innocent. We've heard it from numerous top American pro cyclists including Tyler Hamilton, Floyd Landis and even Lance Armstrong with the 2005 tests of his 1999 specimens showing EPO in his urine. More recently, Alberto Contador is claiming innocence too.

Now, since these guys were not caught with drug tests they can't use some conspiracy theory about the French labs having some reason to frame them or some Spanish farmer who put the drugs in their beef. Neither can they claim they took a supplement that had the drug and they weren't aware of it. Instead, they need a new story. Here it is:
As for the amateur who posted mediocre (at best) results in mediocre (at best) masters fields on USA Cycling's website, Neal Schubel, posted a note on Facebook that basically says he experimented with EPO for one month at the end of a season and never raced with the drugs in his system. He says it was a mistake but no real harm was done so please don't look down on him....

As for Chuck Coyle, a semi-pro who had some decent results on occasion, his story is a bit more creative and makes a stronger plea for innocence. He says that he routinely let some un-named teammates use his computer and his credit card to buy things on-line because they didn't have a computer or credit card. He claims he can't name them because he might be sued.

Well, both alibis sound are and tight since they can't be proved or disproved. That's what every convicted fraudster needs to save face. I guess I'm not real compassionate though. For one, however you used the drugs, it's cheating! For the other, if you now know who did it but can't name names then why did you let him do this in the first place?! You trusted a doper with your credit card? Wow, if you are innocent then you were fortunate this guy didn't take all you own!

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