Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bell California City Officials Arrested

This graphic from the NY Times about says it all! This tiny town of about 38,000 people fell victim to a greedy Mayor, City Manager, Police Chief and five other individuals who are alleged to have turned the "city into their personal piggy bank" according to the Times article. The article also explains that the group of eight individuals took high salaries and got illicit loans all in return for attending meetings that lasted a few minutes or were not held. Apparently, Bell (a suburb of LA) is a working class city that is overwhelmingly Hispanic. Most of the residents live below the poverty line. This makes the greed even more tragic as the residents went without needed services or gave up money needed for basic living expenses because these individuals couldn't control their greed. The residents are starting to feel a bit better now that these eight individuals have been arrested. Some won't be happy unless they are all locked up and the key is thrown away. Can you blame them?

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