Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alexi Grewal: Comeback is Planned by the Confessed Doper

Remember Alexi Grewal? VeloNews has an article about his planned comeback into pro cycling at the age of 50. Grewal won the Olympic gold medal for the road race at the 1984 Olympics. (However, another pro who is racing in his mid-50s beat him that year as Colorado's Best All Around Racer. I'll let the readers figure out who that was.)

In 2008, Grewal wrote an essay (also published on VeloNews) and confessed to doping during most of his cycling career. He even admitted that his first time doping was as a junior when he raced against Greg LeMond. I found the following statement in his essay on doping especially interesting:
When will it end? When Floyd Landis or Tyler Hamilton or any one of the many other “all prisoners are innocent,” fallen stars finally and ultimately does hard time. Don’t think they won’t, they will. Who are we kidding?

Grewal appears to know that pro cycling has been corrupted by doping for decades. His essay was written before Lance Armstrong's comeback and before Floyd Landis alleged that Lance and his teams have engaged in widespread doping.

One obvious question that I have is, can he race clean against a juiced field of pros at the age of 50? We'll see what happens with this.

In any case, you've gotta love the boots he's wearing on this retro Trek...I have some old Look shoes he can have...Size 43...

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