Thursday, May 27, 2010

What about Floyd Landis?

Recently I've written a lot about Floyd Landis' accusations regarding doping in cycling and focused a lot on his claim that other cyclists, including Lance Armstrong, are using performance enhancing drugs and therefore committing a fraud of sorts. However, an email from a friend made me realize that I might also write about who it appears that Floyd Landis is. Here is an excerpt from my friend's email that makes the point pretty clearly:

I believe that Landis has committed far more serious crimes after his being caught. He has written a book and reaped financial gain on a fraudulent story. He accepted approximately a million dollars from supporters for his defense, based on his lies. He and his assistant tried to blackmail Greg Lemond regarding some damaging testimony that Greg was about to offer regarding a conversation he had with Greg. Floyd Landis is slimy and evil! He has proven that he has no regard for truth and would say anything at anytime.
This summary of all that Floyd has been engaged in that is fraudulent in the past few years is good to remember. Even so, one thing I don't agree with is when people say we can't believe anything he says. I am very skeptical when he says he was wrongly accused of doping at any time in his career but I don't find it as hard to believe when he says that many others in cycling have been doping. My reason for this goes back to my earlier posts including the one about doping in cycling and the fraud triangle as well as the post detailing some of the other evidence against Lance Armstrong that has been generated over the years.

My friend also raised the point that all of the individuals who contributed to Floyd's defense could sue him in a class action lawsuit. I have been expecting to hear of such a suit but it hasn't come out yet. Maybe they can't find an attorney willing to do it on a contingent fee basis since Floyd is probably broke. You know the old saying: "You can't get blood out of a turnup." I would add: Even if he uses EPO! Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

As for Floyd Landis being "slimy and evil," I read an interesting Huffington Post article that detailed several psychological pathologies that Floyd has exhibited. I'll let others decide if he's evil but I am pretty confident that he has some major issues!

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