Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Madoff Net Winners Want More from Net Losers

Today's WSJ is reporting that the 'net winners' in the Madoff scam (i.e. those who withdrew more than they invested) are suing in an effort to collect more money. I find this amazing. First, these people got assets from the net losers already and now they want more. To get more, they will need to take it from someone else: either more from the net losers or from taxpayers. I personally hope they are required to give back through clawbacks any excess that they got above their investment so the losers have more to make them whole. If so, this group would break even which is better than all the others who are net losers. Maybe everyone should end up getting an equal percentage so everyone is an equal net loser. Then, in addition they could recover up to $500k from the government. That sounds fair to me...

In any case, the real losers are taxpayers. They didn't put in anything and have to give up some of their money.

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