Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ullrich's manager admits to helping Ullrich dope

Thanks to Michael Shermer for sending me a link to an article on the VeloNation website wherein former Tour de France rider and T-Mobile team manager, Rudy Pevenage, admits that he helped Jan Ullrich dope through the assistance of the infamous Dr. Fuentes of Operation Puerto when Ullrich was competing against Lance Armstrong.

In my view, this is some persuasive evidence to validate the claims by Floyd Landis that Lance Armstrong's team manager, Johan Bruyneel, helped Lance and his teammates dope. Here is a quote by Pevenage that suggests the knowledge of who was doping in the peloton was somewhat common:
“I knew many customers of Fuentes, including some good riders who were themselves in the Tour in 2006. I also knew who went to other doctors than Fuentes.”

If Jan Ullrich's team manager was assisting in Ullrich's doping and knew of others in the peloton who were doping, then it appears that there was a "cartel of silence" among the peloton and team managers that was in a Nash equilibrium. Here is another quote from the article that I found interesting:
Pevenage said that he remains convinced that Ullrich was physically stronger than Lance Armstrong, but the German was unable to match the American in the Tour. He described his metamorphasis after cancer as “so extraordinary.”
An extraordinary metamorphasis indeed! I always tell my fraud students that if something appears to good to be true, it almost certainly is. Either Lance turned into a freak of nature after his cancer or he was doping. How else could he beat all his gifted competitors who were doping?!

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