Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is Floyd Landis credible?

We've probably all heard Lance Armstrong point out the fact that Floyd Landis took millions and wrote a book under the guise that he did not use performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Here is a quote from May when Lance first pointed this out:
"I'd remind everybody that this is a man that's been under oath several times and had a very different version,'' Mr. Armstrong said. "This is a man that wrote a book for profit that had a completely different version. This is somebody that took, some would say, close to $1 million from innocent people for his defense under a different premise. Now when it's all run out the story changes.''
Lance is challenging Floyd's credibility by pointing out that Landis's story has now changed dramatically. This week, as Landis was interviewed on Nightline, the reporter told him that he has zero credibility because he has admitted to lying about his own use of PEDs. While that is what Lance and his attorney are saying, I personally think Landis's history gives him more credibility. Let me explain.

First, since Landis had claimed for years that he was innocent, written a book about it and taken millions to defend that claim, he has a lot to lose by claiming he and Lance used PEDs when they raced together. We all know that once you tell a lie, it's hard to get out of that lie and save face.

In Landis's case, he is now saying that he told several years of lies in public, on television, in court and in books. In doing so, he is losing some degree of respect from the entire world! Moreover, he has lost a lot of friends in the peloton and a lot of respect from all the people who bought his book and donated money to him. They may even sue him for lying to them. He also could be subject to perjury or defamation charges for sticking with this story. That is a lot of reason to never bring this story out in the open.

In the end, it seems that if Landis is now lying about Lance Armstrong then he must be a glutton for abuse because he is taking a serious beating to his character by making these claims. Most people would prefer to quietly fade into infamy after being through what Landis has been through.

Sounds to me like the truth is now coming out. Hopefully, time will tell as Jeffrey Novitzky's investigation corroborates or refutes what Landis is claiming...

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