Monday, June 24, 2013

Enron CEO, Jeff Skilling, Received Shorter Jail Sentence

Various news agencies reported last week that a federal judge reduced Jeff Skilling's prison sentence by about ten years. If Skilling is found to be on good behavior and take a drug and alcohol rehabilitation course, he could be out of prison within four years. Part of the agreement is for Skilling to quit trying to get his conviction overturned. This new ruling also frees up some money from Skilling's estate that will be used to compensate victims of the fraud, including former Enron employees who lost their retirement when the company went bankrupt. Diana Peters is one of many former Enron employees who was at the latest trial and is quoted as follows:
"I pray that your decision is to give Jeff Skilling the maximum sentence for his crimes." 
Fraud always ends in a sad story as innocent victims deal with the aftermath by experiencing serious devastation, suffering and heartache. My heart goes out to these former Enron employees who had nothing to do with the crazy games Skilling, Fastow, Lay and others were playing...

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