Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WADA Says Lance is not in Charge!

Just when Lance Armstrong probably was hoping he could show he is cooperating with USADA and WADA to get them to cut him some slack, WADA let's him know that he isn't in charge! Check it out at SportsIllustrated.com. Here is the heart of it:
The World Anti-Doping Agency says Lance Armstrong must confess under oath to seek a reduction in his lifetime ban from sports for doping during seven Tour de France victories....Armstrong reportedly hopes to return to competition in recognized triathlon events. However, WADA says "only when Mr. Armstrong makes a full confession under oath - and tells the anti-doping authorities all he knows about doping activities - can any legal and proper process for him to seek any reopening or reconsideration of his lifetime ban commence."
Sorry Lance but your confession to Oprah may not get you all that you hoped it would...

As for Lance revealing "all he knows about doping activities," well, I'm not holding my breath on that one...

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