Monday, October 15, 2012

Lance Armstrong Investigation: A Documentary

Australian television has a very well done documentary on the Lance Armstrong investigation at this link. Some highlights include videos of Lance and many others testifying in the SCA Promotions lawsuit from a few years ago. Also, Phil Liggett finally admits in an interview that Lance must have doped. There is a lot more testimony and details in the documentary that you might enjoy if you've been following this fraud. I agree with Betsy Andreu's assessment in the documentary that Lance is the Bernie Madoff of sport.


  1. Corporate sponsorship is a part of professional sport. Companies can choose to back heroes we can believe in, or frauds when they know the truth.

    Nike and others provide millions in corporate support for Lance Armstrong.

    Armstrong's colleagues responded to their conscience. Help Nike find theirs (again).

    Sign and share the global petition:

  2. Even though cheating is wrong in a perfect world, Armstrong was trying to compete in a sport already riddled with drug cheats. So, to achieve what he did (even with the help of drugs) is still an amazing thing.

    It just seems unbelievable that Armstrong could have gotten away with it for so long without some help from the "inside". Videos of him like the one at will certainly damage the image of cycling. You can't help wondering how many cyclists are still at it today...

  3. LA was not "competing" in a sport. He was cheating in order to defraud people for fame and fortune including those that were not cheating at all. I cannot imagine why people think this "is an amazing thing"??? What kind of backflips does one have to do in his mind to arrive at such a conclusion I'll never know. Am I a savant where it comes to human character because I knew he was cheating from day one. No I am not. I possess nothing but common sense and the nerve to speak my mind. This is why I find it hard to believe that he ever had even one fan. The truly "amazing thing" is that people like Daniel above and many others have been so warped or distracted that they have lost sight of what constitutes an "amazing thing". LA is a calculating serial lying egomaniac who stepped on a lot of people (including YOU the reader if you gave him any $ or support) to get what he has. He has taken cycling and charities backward into the stone age. He does not deserve these kinds of backdoor complements. It amounts to a Stokholm Syndrome of sorts. Set yourself free. You no longer must defend your captor.

    Daniel, I am not picking on you just what you said in your first lines. The extent to which cyclists are still at it today is the extent to which people still justify their behavior. Try shunning them and their sponsors and they will die on the vine. Another idea...lifetime ban for 'the appearance of impropriety'.

    But enough is enough already. Can we please stop justifying and glorifying his behavior with the "Best cheater among cheaters" meme? Anyone who thinks about it for more than the length of a commercial break knows that that ethical dog does not hunt.

    I have a better idea than signing a letter of concern. How about you boycott the companies that sponsor the fraud? If that is too political then just buy your stuff from someone else...maybe a small business...its better for the world anyway.