Monday, June 4, 2012

More on Fraud and the US Department of Justice

In several recent posts, I've been critical of the US Department of Justice's extremely poor record of prosecuting Wall Street executives who were a big cause of our current economic crisis. The executives of numerous large financial institutions took home hundreds of millions in compensation while pushing their firms to commit illegal business practices. It's obvious that basic mortgage fraud was rampant in many organizations and yet virtually no one has gone to jail yet.

Surprisingly, the lack of vigilance by the current administration is so blatant that even the NY Times has published an editorial by one of its columnists that says the current Democratic administration panders to business more than past GOP administrations did! I'd like to see a study of how often the NY Times has compared a Democratic administration to a Republican one and found the scale tipped to the GOP side of things. It has to be rare.

I recommend reading the analysis that this editorial gives and see if you agree with the bottom line that this editorial makes:
Amazing, isn’t it? George W. Bush has turned out to be tougher on corporate crooks than Barack Obama.
Wow--from the NY Times no less! Can Eric Holder and President Obama fall any further than that?!

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