Friday, February 17, 2012

Catching up on fraud in the news

Olympus Scandal Leads to Arrests: Seven employees have been arrested in conjunction with the alleged financial statement fraud at Olympus.  Whether those arrests will lead to criminal punishment remains to be seen:
Under Japanese securities laws, the men arrested Thursday could each serve up to 10 years if found guilty. But convictions for white collar-crime have been rare in Japan, and courts have been known to hand down suspended sentences even in egregious cases.
Alan Stanford's Ties to Soc Gen Probed: Stanford is alleged to have used a Swiss bank account with Societe Generale as a slush fund through which he bribed regulators and auditors.  Soc Gen is also being accused of having had knowledge of Stanford's dealings and to have profited thereby.  From the article:
“SG Suisse had a special, extensive, symbiotic and nefarious relationship with Stanford from which it greatly benefited,” the lawsuit says, alleging that by December 2008, bank officials “realized the Stanford Entities were insolvent,” and the bank wanted its money bank. 

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