Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Widow of Mark Madoff Talks

ABC News has an article about Mark Madoff's widow, Stephanie Madoff Mack, and her view of what Bernie did to her. Here are a few quotes I found interesting:
"He (Bernie) stood there in the corner at my wedding watching everyone dance, and he knew that everyone in that room was going to get screwed," said Mack. 
Madoff Mack told Cuomo that if she saw her father-in-law today, she’d tell him “that I hold him fully responsible for killing my husband, and I’d spit in his face.”
Determined to make Madoff suffer even more for what he had done to his son, Mack wrote a letter to him describing the life he would forever be missing with his two grandchildren.
Instead of showing remorse, Madoff wrote back bragging about his new life in prison, telling Stephanie that he was treated as a celebrity.
All I can say is that Bernie Madoff is one very sick and sad excuse for a human being...It appears that he is totally oblivious to the immense pain he has caused to others, even those closest to him such as his son. What a pitiful life he lived.


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