Monday, September 5, 2011

Madoff Claims He's Teaching at Harvard

It sounds like Bernie Madoff is telling stories again. According to this short article on Fox, Bernie said:
“I have been approached by (a) number of other business schools but have only committed to Harvard,” he wrote me in mid July adding: “I have an interview that is ahead with the Harvard Business School. I will keep you posted. Some strange turn of events, HUH!”

According to Madoff, he is working on an entrepreneur course for Harvard. However, the spokesman for Harvard responded to this claim by saying: “There are no official discussions of any kind about developing a course with him,”

After reading the article on Fox, it sounds like a Professor at Harvard has been in contact with Bernie for research purposes. Who knows where Bernie got the idea that he might be teaching an entrepreneur course.

It sounds to me that he's delusional...I can't imagine Harvard or any business school hiring Bernie to teach a class. Maybe they could use him as some sort of guest speaker on fraud but even that is doubtful in my mind. I certainly wouldn't work with him!

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