Friday, July 8, 2011

A Fraudster Cyclist with a Defective Moral Compass

If you know Michael Rasmussen's story, you know that he was leading the Tour de France in 2007 when he got kicked out of the race and fired by his team. Why? Because he was caught breaking the rules with respect to doping. So what is he doing now? He's suing his former team because they fired him! I'm totally amazed by this! Here is what we know...
Today's CyclingNews is reporting that Rasmussen has already won one lawsuit when a judge awarded him over 700,000 euros. The article says: "In July 2008, a Dutch court ruled that while Rabobank had rightfully dismissed the Dane, it still owed him 715,000 euros."

However, this is where it gets really strange and almost comical. The article then quotes Rasmussen as saying:
“I won the first case,” Rasmussen told De Telegraaf.  “However, the judge made a miscalculation.”...“My contract ran through the end of the year.  Furthermore, I was missing out on 300,000 euros in signed criterium contracts plus sponsorships and contributions.  Just based on that, I should be reimbursed 1.1 million euros.
Okay, so far, maybe it sounds aggressive but not totally out there. However, this next quote really kills me:
“Now, however, I can demonstrate the consequences of the decision.  If I had won the Tour I would have had a contract for several million for a few years.  We demand more than 5.6 million.  We are not looking too high.”
What! If you had won the tour?! Michael, you were cheating and breaking the rules and that is why you didn't win the tour. You expect your team to say: "Well, we want to pay you for the bonus that you would have gotten if you weren't caught cheating?!"

What a guy...


  1. Next thing you know Rumsas and his wife will be going to court. These guys all have major holes in their Super Egos.

  2. Well, at least we know he's still doping..