Monday, April 25, 2011

Lance Armstrong Investigation: Sources Say Progress is Being Made

In case you were wondering if the Lance Armstrong fraud and doping investigation was losing steam, according to VeloNation and some sources who have information on the investigation that VeloNation spoke with, the case against Armstrong is still progressing.

The article discusses, among other things, the implications of the Michelle Ferrari money trail stating:
"The Michele Ferrari investigation has the potential to boost the speed at which things are moving. If a financial trail can be established, this could have big implications for the case and for the chances of a successful prosecution."
In addition, the article says that "VeloNation understands that activity on the other side of the Atlantic continues to progress. Contrary to suggestions made in an AP article released in February, there are little clear indications of ‘serious hurdles,’ as was stated then."

Another key bit of information from the article is that VeloNation spoke with, presumably anonymous, "sources with knowledge of the matter and understands that investigators are continuing to build what they feel is a solid case. This website understands that Floyd Landis’ claims have been bolstered over time by the testimony of multiple witnesses, with these corroborating suggestions that systemic doping took place on the team."

Last, the post said that "VeloNation has heard that Armstrong’s legal team met with officials from the US Attorney’s office and others, and that unsuccessful attempts may have been made to stop the investigation from proceeding."

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