Monday, February 7, 2011

Bernie Madoff's Personality Disorder

I read an intriguing article in the International Business Times about Bernie Madoff's personality disorder. According to the article, Madoff and many fraud perpetrators have what is known as "narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), a condition in which the sufferer is absolutely convinced that he or she is better than everyone else." Among other things, the article explains the following:
“He, and others like him, most likely believe that no matter what they do they are justified in doing it and won't get caught,” said Bryant. 
He added that the fact that it took so long to catch on to Madoff’s scam simply verified in Madoff's warped mind that there was nothing wrong with what he was doing.

“Authorities looked at Madoff a number of times and didn’t do anything, and so [Madoff’s] crimes became substantiated in his mind," Dr. Bryant said. "He most likely felt no remorse over what he had done whatsoever.”

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