Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Now this is a serious cycling ban!

VeloNation reported today that the Portuguese cycling federation handed out a record ban to a pro cyclist for multiple doping offenses. The federation insured that Pedro Lopes will not race again until he is 50! Here is a brief quote from the article:
Former Tour of Portugal stage winner Pedro Lopes has been handed a record ban by his national federation, and will be unable to compete as a rider for 15 years. The 35 year old has had multiple doping infringements and will be 50 years of age by the time he is eligible to race again.
I'd like to see more serious bans given to serious doping offenses. Two years is too little for someone who is caught deliberately injecting some PED into his or her body (e.g., EPO, CERA, HGH, etc.). Hopefully the pros would think twice before cheating if they knew that getting caught meant their career was over...

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  1. But Mark, i noticed he cannot compete as a racer, this is dangerous as if he can be involved in the sport in another capacity he can infect multiple riders with his knowledge. Bjarne Riis is an example , he has admitted to doping yet runs a team, not surprisingly Astina. Maybe they cant dictate the employment policies of teams, but it doesnt mean the team should be eligible for a license or automatic inclusion in events.