Monday, November 8, 2010

Contador Case Moves to Spain

It was reported today that the UCI turned Contador's case over to the Spanish federation to determine what, if any, penalty the Spaniard should face. Time will tell what this means for Contador. I doubt he will get the maximum two-year suspension so if he gets one year they will back date it to July and he could be racing next August. Some people are speculating that if the Spanish federation is too easy on Alberto then WADA could get involved.

Does anyone of you know what the potential outcomes of this case are? Could the Spanish federation decide Alberto ate a bad steak and tell him to be more careful where he buys his steak next time? Maybe give him a six month ban starting last July?

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  1. Spanish cycling federation president says he backs Alberto Contador:

    “Anything could happen,” he said. “They could close the case, or issue a mere reprimand, or there would be a maximum ban of two years.”

    “Personally, as president of the federation, my wish is that the case is resolved in favor of the cycling, for a lot of reasons: because I have known him since he was a boy, because he was licensed in the Madrid federation for many year and he passed through all the categories, and I cannot have anything but empathy for him,”

    In other words, it's anyone guess what they'll do to him. Perhaps make him President of Spain? ;-)